The Peruvian songwriter Pedro Suarez-Vertiz, as official spokesman of the United Nations Peru, fits his shoelaces and goes through the main streets of the world together with volunteers in 109 countries. His steps will place bread and welfare in the most needed homes of Peru. The interpreter of "Cuando pienses en volver"(When you consider coming back (song wrote for the immigrants) joins to this Project in which, since 2003, the Walking for the Hungry children has joined volunteers of 266 cities in 91 countries under one sole purpose: to collect money to nourish thousands of children. This year 109 countries will walk simultaneously around the world. This Sunday May 21 at 10:00 hours, Lima will join for the first time to the 320 cities of the world that, called by the World Program of Food (PMA) of the United Nations, will walk simultaneously by their streets with the purpose of getting the attention of the International Public opinion so that they be responsive to the Childhood hungry. Pedro Suarez-Vertiz is the representative of the United Nations Peru in this event of Social help. There is enough food for the whole world population; nevertheless 800 millon people suffer of chronic hungry, 300 million are children. In Peru 6 million people suffer of chronic malnutrition, it means 25% of the population. More than 50 children die each day due to reasons related to hungry and the rate of children under the 5 years old who suffer of anemia due to malnutrition is of 58%. 16/MAY/06 PEDRO SUÁREZ-VÉRTIZ IMAGEN DE TELEFONICA


Pedro Suarez-Vertiz signed contract and he will be the image of Telefonica Movistar until 2008; in this way, Movistar becomes in one of the main promoters of the national and international outstanding interpreter of rock. So, from now on, the users of Movistar will be able to enjoy in exclusive, of a wide offer of contents related to their favourite artist Pedro Suarez-Vertiz: ringtones, wallpapers, real tones, videos, among others. Likewise, it has been developed a special zone with detailed information of Pedro Suarez-Vertiz: biography. discography, concerts etc., to which the clients from Movistar would be able to accede; apart of an entertaining movil karaoke, where the fans will be able to sing together with their idol regardless where they are. With four records as a Solo artist: "No existen técnicas para olvidar" (1993) (There are no techniques to forget), "Póntelo en la lengua" (1996) (Put it in your tongue), "Degeneración actual" (Present Degeneration) (1999) and "Play" (2004); Pedro Súarez-Vértiz, is the Peruvian songwriter of larger international success. His large musical trajectory and oversales have made him deserving of in manifold opportunities to Golden, Platinum and triple platinum records; likewise to numerous recognitions: award artist of the year in Panamá, best International Solo artist in México, and artist of the millennium in Perú. At present he is promoting his last record Play in México, where he has had great acceptance and in Spain. Fostering Pedro Suárez-Vértiz, Movistar ratifies its firm commitment of address its efforts to support outstanding national values, who show all the time their talent as at the national environment, as at the international's, leaving the name of the country very high.

Show that you can't lose in Kallpa 2006

Pedro Suarez-Vertiz defended the musical genre reggaeton that was born in a marginal sector. "The reggaeton is a very big cultural force, whose success is not in its form, but in background. This genre was born in the street, it is the greatness of the backstreet guy (pirañita). Everything started in a sector of marginal people" said yesterday Pedro Suarez-Vertiz to explain the phenomenon lived in Lima due to the fever caused by this music. Pedro Suarez-Vertiz emphasized that he did not despise this genre and on the opposite, he had recorded a reggaeton theme "Cuando el sol va a salir" (When the sun is going to rise) which is included in his CD Degeneracion Actual (Present Degeneration). Pedro Suarez-Vertiz will perform at Kallpa Festival 2006 together with Wisin & Yandel, Victor Manuel y Willie Colon. Pedro Suarez-Vertiz promises the same show he performed in Spain and Mexico tonight at the Festival closing. Fama/La Republica/ FEB 2006

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz in the "Los 40 principales" (The main 40) of México

Next November 16 Pedro Suarez-Vertiz will performed in Guadalajara city in the most waited event of the year organizad by the main 40 Radios belonging to Grupo Televisa-Prisa. "El Evento 40" (The Event 40) that will shake Guadalajara will take place in the esplanade of the Instituto Cultural Cabañas. Pedro Suarez-Vertiz together with Mexican Stars such as Christian Castro, Reik, Elefante, Ha-Ash, Plastiko and the international artists Luis Fonsi, Babasonicos, Miranda, Akwid, Cabas among other artists, are part of the cast that will make dance more than 50,000 Radio listeners of the 40 Principales (The Main 40) 102.7 FM. Pedro Suarez-Vertiz will be arriving on November 14 to the city of Guadalajara where he besides will have to fulfil a very busy agenda of promotion in several communications means and after his participacion he will leave to Spain where he will close the year 2005 with 03 concerts. 09/NOV/05.

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz and the World Cup

The national rock interpreter will have an important role in the World Cup, since he was chosen to compose the Official song of the championship, as Ricky Martin did at World Cup France 98

For many, Pedro Suárez-Vértiz is the best National rock interpreter of last times. His freedom style and his showy look, added to his huge talent, has been essential for him to be chosen by the Local Organizing Committee of the World Cup Sub 17 of the FIFA - Perú 2005 as the composer of the song that will identify wordwide the contest and, besides, in order that he sings in tune the National Anthem the day of the inauguration of the championship on September 16 in Trujillo. The famous Pedro, due to his hits and his charm, locates himself as the natural musical interpreter of the first Peruvian world cup, which seeks to attract mainly young public and the family concerning to a Sport show with very high standards of international quality. As we can remember, in all the International competitions the song that identifies it, plays a very important role in the promotion of the same and the opportunity he has of being the author and interpreter of it has seduced for ever the stars of the music, such as the same Ricky Martin, who composed "La copa de la vida", (The cup of life) song which became in the banner of the World Cup of France 1998. The magisterial performance of his musical themes and the recognition and acceptance he has at international level make sure that this theme will be a success and another landmark in the fruitful career of this gifted Peruvian musician. JULY/07/05 .

"PLAY" . . . the new record of PEDRO SUAREZ-VERTIZ will be released shortly in the United Status, Puerto Rico, México and Spain.

After 5 long years PEDRO SUAREZ-VERTIZ the most successful Peruvian songwriter at international level presents us his fourth album as a Solo artist named "PLAY" the same which includes explosive songs of pop-rock-fusion in Spanish where stands out "Bailar" ("Dance"), theme that turned him in the Solo Artist of the Year 2004 in Mexico. "PLAY" was recorded, mixed and "masterized" in Lima and in New York between January and June 2004 where the same PEDRO SUAREZ-VERTIZ had in charge the production of the record (programing, guitars, keyboards, Acoustics piano, talkbox, harmonica) apart of the responsibility . as usual, of the 12 themes as in lyrics as in music. "PLAY" counts with an already successful single "Cuando pienses en volver" (canción al inmigrante) ("When you think in coming back") (Song to the immigrant) the most played theme of the moment which besides has a video-clip filmed in Chile addressed by Felo Foncea and Felipe Sepulveda which will be performed soon. "PLAY" will be released soon inclusive in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Spain, countries where PEDRO SUAREZ-VERTIZ music has a great acceptance and where, besides, he will start a wide tour of promotion and concerts.


"My dream is to transmit my thinking to the people, to "introduce hand in their brains, to influence in their feelings with my music". Pedro Suárez Vértiz.

The votes of the public favor the Peruvian Pedro Suárez Vértiz appointing him as the best Latin Solo Artist of the Year, turning him in one of the 7 winners of in Orgullosamente Latino, El Premio del Público 2004, (Proudly Latin), (The Award of the Public 2004).



"Cuando pienses en volver", theme took out of the new Album PLAY of the Peruvian songwriter Pedro Suárez-Vértiz keeps for third consecutive week as the most important song/hymns of Peru among national and international artists in all the Radio and TV rankings....really a hit!!!


Pedro Suárez-Vértiz will be the stellar artist in next Teleton of Peru; Pedro has already confirmed his attendance and together with his inseparable musicians Abel (guitar), Pepe (bass), Marco (drums) y Carlos (keyboards) and they will be performing the successful theme "Cuando pienses en volver" (When you think of returning) on December 10 and 11.


"Cuando pienses en volver" was chosen by the Board of the Transnational Ambev-Brasil as theme hymn in order to start its position campaign in Peru. The nationalism that describes to us that song with its autochtohonous melodies (charango, quenas, cajon, quijada de burro, typical Peruvian instruments) plus the guarantee of the leader Beer brand... simply a binomial of unquestionable success. Toast!!!


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